Leadership in poultry
science and innovation.

Pioneers in poultry genetics

From our top-level executives, to our world-class research and development team, each member plays a crucial role in driving our mission forward.

Our Leadership
Meet our team of passionate, innovative leaders committed to driving Cobb's progress in the industry. Their expertise and strategic decision-making lay the foundation for our culture, operational excellence, and our commitment to a sustainable future.
Joyce J. Lee
Dr. William Herring
Vice President, Research and Development
Roy Mutimer
Vice President, EMEA and Asia Pacific
Ben Church
Vice President, Engagement
Chris Lewellen
Chief Financial Officer
Vic De Martino
Managing Director, Global Strategic Sales and Operations Planning
Brian Sorensen
Senior Director, Human Resources
Kendall Layman
Managing Director, IT and Facilities
Billy Pharis
Law Department
Ray Ables
Vice President, Live Production
Dr. Gene Shepherd
Managing Director, QA and Veterinary Services
Bernardo Gallo
Managing Director, Latin America and Canada

Our Values

Shaping our success, one value at a time.
Our values aren't just words on a page - they're the driving force behind every decision we make, every project we undertake, and every interaction we have. Rooted in family, driven by excellence, shaped by innovation, and upheld by integrity, these principles bring our mission to life and forge the culture of respect and camaraderie that defines us at Cobb.
We believe in treating each other and our customers like family. We communicate openly and respectfully and focus on the best possible result for each other and the company. We value the knowledge, skills, ideas and capabilities of every individual.
We believe doing the right thing is always the right choice. We’ve earned trust for more than a century by doing business honestly, ethically, legally, safely and sustainably. We keep our promises and take responsibility for our actions and results.
We believe creative thinking, curiosity and collaboration inspire the best business solutions and products. We prepare for and adapt to future trends and needs. We’re open minded, welcome new ideas, encourage responsible risk taking and embrace lifelong learning.
Being the Best
We believe in working hard and thinking customer-first. We give our best every day and set and achieve high standards in everything we do. We manage resources wisely and challenge ourselves to seek continuous improvement and new opportunities.

Global supply network

Our global footprint spans 5 continents and we have biosecure operations in 10 countries. Through our global distribution network, our products are available in over 100 countries.